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Cobie launched into videography in 2005 after the presentation of her first public intermedia performance, 'human_edit'. Having exhibited her video and editing skills in this piece she was swiftly employed by other artists to contribute video elements to their own work and to document their live performances. 10 years later Cobie now operates in an expanded field of corporate and artistic videography ranging from client internal communication campaigns and video tenders, to the documentation of conferences, workshops, training sessions, performances, concerts and events. Her choreographic sensibility informs her fluid camera and editing style and her experience in communication, direction, and crafting bodies and objects in space brings an alternate skill set and perspective to her work. With her vast artistic network, Cobie can also call upon a range of collaborators to contribute to a project’s individuality and innovation be it through original music, sound design, animation, talent, visual art, copywriting or photography.


With clunky beginnings in Irish dancing, a fascination with disposable cameras, and an obsession with woodwind instruments, Cobie’s cross disciplinary arts focus began to form from a young age. This was consolidated at Deakin University (Rusden) where she studied contemporary dance alongside film, video and photography. Residencies and performances in Australia, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland enabled her research to continue post-university. Significant connections with creative allies including Tracie Mitchell, Martin Hansen, Alisdair Macindoe and Alexandra Macdonald are also largely responsible for the course of her future creative pursuits. As a result Cobie has developed a practice that engages with numerous mediums that function both collaboratively and independently. Calling upon dance, video and music her work comes to life through performance, film and installation. She has presented work locally and abroad, and increasingly embarks on new collaborations with visual and sound artists, film-makers, musicians, theatre makers & dancers.

What my clients say

Cobie is outstanding to work with. She takes the time to understand what you are trying to do and then creates a film that does it even better than you had hoped. Everyone loves working with her and the work she does.

Luke Hockley

Founder & Director, Midnight Sky

Cobie is a delight to collaborate with, and is professional as she is talented. Using her creativity and passion, Cobie has the ability to take ideas and turn them into powerful and moving stories.

Emma Woodall

Associate Director Corporate Communications, Northern Health

The quality of Cobie's video documentation has been instrumental in moving our work forward. Her style reflects her continuing practice as an artist across several fields; she brings an essential understanding of the process of performance which is then realised in her delicately nuanced, striking, yet immediately accessible film work.

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey

Audio Artists

I recommend Cobie to all my peers and colleagues. She always goes the extra mile to ensure our projects meet the needs of our service and has given our organisation great guidance and support in how to make our own videos. Cobie is a great communicator, produces work in very short time frames and is a delight to work with!

David Price

Director, Patient Experience and Consumer Participation, Northern Health

We deeply trust Cobie's uniquely sharp eye. Her videos are precious assets that allow us the impossible – to preserve important traces of what usually lives in the moment only.

Angela Conquet

Artistic Director/CEO, Dancehouse


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The creation and capturing of live and produced video content for corporate, social, performance, education and artistic events.


Post production of video content for broadcast, web and dvd. Supply pre-recorded footage or employ the services of cobieo videography.


Single or consecutive classes in Final Cut Pro X for secondary and tertiary education, as well as private sessions for individuals and small groups.


Creative concepts and/or dance material devised for productions, competitions, weddings, celebrations, and other special events.


Advice in planning, shooting and delivering video for professional, educational, personal and creative projects.

Creative Network

Access to additional services including casting, producing, screenwriting, sound design, voice over, visual affects, animation, and photography.

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Thanks for making contact, I’ll be in touch soon!

Thanks for making contact, I’ll be in touch soon!


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